How habitual are you?

I practiced yoga today. Each time I practice I gain something- a good workout, relief from a stressful day, a clear mind. I look forward to Sunday yoga (yoga church day, my favorite instructor calls it). In addition to a good workout and a clear mind, I often ponder the message or the theme the instructor has set for the day. Today’s theme was about habits. “How habitual are you?” she asked. Sounds silly really. Isn’t it human nature to be habitual?

Her point wasn’t to say that we shouldn’t have habits. Her point was to say- do the habits we create for ourselves get in our way?

Today I had brunch with my brother and then went to the dog park with my boyfriend (all of this before yoga class). After the dog park I felt anxiety rush around me like cars speeding by on a busy highway. How will I get all my Sunday chores done? All the cleaning. The groceries. The laundry. Will I make it to yoga on time? What must I accomplish before I wake up Monday morning?

This is exactly what she was talking about. Here I was, just hours before yoga, doing the very thing she talked about. My Sunday’s are habitual. Too habitual, in fact.

So, how habitual are you?


5 thoughts on “How habitual are you?

  1. Great thought! Your blog really got me thinking….I am pretty habitual, too. I wonder if there’s room in life for both. I read a book one time that spoke about keeping a “margin” around your life; you don’t want to be too busy with your life to not have room to be spontaneous. I don’t know the answer, but I do like my habits and rituals! And I love yoga, too! Keep the slicing coming! 🙂 Welcome aboard!


  2. I liked the juxtaposition of your crazy rush to get it all done before yoga and the message you found while there. We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the habits of our daily lives…taking a moment to reflect can help us gain perspective. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Habits are not a bad thing. To me they are the rhythms of my life. They are my melody, that which sets the tone of my existence. My habits/ rituals, I guess you could call them, are the tune to which I dance and sing and live this life.


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