Day 5- Book

Closed, I sit and wait

Open, reality slips

New ventures await.


7 thoughts on “Day 5- Book

  1. Love the first line,
    How one little word with a comma can say so much. I had never thought of a person being closed. And then reality slips. And the only way to have an adventure is to be open.
    I actually pictured someone in a closet in the first line. Someone hiding.


  2. Haiku! Loved it! It reminds me of the way reality floats back to you when you finish a really good book that you’ve been reading for hours. It’s what keeps me going back for more! Thank you for sharing, it was great!


  3. In just 11 words you said so much! I love the feeling of reading a new book, too…of “reality slipping” away to be emerged in a world that is not my own for just a little while. Wonderful post.


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